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Sixty years of experience in dealing with tourists & tourism, in the most beautiful desert in the world; Wadi Rum desert in Jordan
We are very happy and proud to celebrate our 60th anniversary this year and still offering the desert touristic services in the magic of the desert of Wadi Rum. We were the first who established desert tourism in Wadi Rum in 1964 and we will continue our hospitality to our guests and friends all over the world. In 1990 we started our business also in the governmental Resthouse of Wadi Rum and we designed it to be a comfortable place for dining and camping. We provided it with educated and experienced staff. With this Resthouse as our base we are able to offer the best service of food and beverage also in middle of the desert for adventure camping and incentive groups. In 2000 we opened our luxury camp located in Disi. This establishes the combination of the adventure of the desert and a contemporary comfort.
To the East of Aqaba (72 Km) "one hours drive" To the South of Amman (330 Km) "3 hours drive" 920 meter above sea level Temperature:Summer time- 35-40 by day 15-32 night Spring time 25-32 by day 16-22 night Winter time- 18-24 by day 8-12 night Normally some nights are very cold. History:Wadi Rum has been inhabited by many human cultures since per historic times Thamudic- Nabateans leaving their evidences as rock paintings and Nabatean's temples is under resturaition. The Arab revolt 1917-1918 shining from Wadi Rum Al Huitat tribe and Odeh Abu Tayeh librated Aqaba thorugh Wadi Rum. T.E Lawrance wrote his book, 7 pillars of wisdom" Wadi Rum Rocks and colory sand dated back to Millions of year when it was covered by a sea, That made the rocks standing on basset butom in the Middle Sand Stone, shipping tops like corals.
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