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About Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum. "The valley of the Moon"
Location:     To the East of Aqaba  (72 Km) "one hours drive"
To the South of Amman (330 Km) "3 hours drive"
920 meter above sea level
Temperature:     Summer time- 35-40 by day         15-32 night
                          Spring time – 25-32 by day        16-22 night
                          Winter time- 18-24 by day         8-12 night
                          Normally some nights are very cold.

History:    Wadi Rum has been inhabited by many human cultures since per historic times Thamudic- Nabateans leaving their evidences as rock paintings and Nabatean's temples is under resturaition.

The Arab revolt 1917-1918 shining from Wadi Rum Al Huitat tribe and Odeh Abu Tayeh librated Aqaba thorugh Wadi Rum.

T.E Lawrance wrote his book, 7 pillars of wisdom"

Geography: Wadi Rum Rocks and colory sand dated back to Millions of year when it was covered by a sea,

That made the rocks standing on basset butom in the Middle Sand Stone, shipping tops like corals.
The highest elevation in Jordan is Jabal Um ad Dami (1851m) South Wadi Rim (30 Km).

The 2nd highest peack in Jordan is Jabal Rum (1751) meters.

These high mountain and canyons colory sand duns make the place very special for Rock climing in 1952 Sheik Hamdan guided long staff and Sylvia Brand ford.

Since that Wadi Rum became an International sight for Rock Climbers, the first guide book "Treks and climb in Wadi Rum" by Tony Haward, was published in 1987.

  • The Rest hours in the best place for camping and offering the climber and Tourist food and beverage.
  • Wadi Rum the best for filming
1962- Lawrence of Arabia. David Leen.
2000- Red Planet "Wadi Rum the surface of Mars"
1998- Passion in the desert.
2015 – The Martian "Matt Damon Wadi Rum
Theeb- in WAdi Rum