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About us

Sand Rose Camp, nestled in the center of Wadi Rum's breathtaking terrain, exemplifies timeless desert charm and Bedouin friendliness.

Sand Rose Camp, founded in 2000, is inspired by the innovative spirit of Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hillawi, often known as Abu Ali.

Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hillawi:

Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hillawi was born in Aqaba, Jordan, in 1939, and began his career in tourism by organizing Jordan's first diving club, the Aqaba Diving Center. He got inspiration during his leisurely travels in Wadi Rum. He was enamored with the desert's ethereal beauty and hoped to share its wonders with the rest of the world.

Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hillawi planned his first trip to Wadi Rum in 1964, which marked the start of a fantastic desert tourist journey. With unwavering determination, he worked to raise Wadi Rum's visibility on the international stage, highlighting its cultural diversity and natural beauty.

The legacy continues:

Sand Rose Camp is celebrating nearly six decades of excellence in desert hospitality. The camp, which is rooted in Bedouin heritage, provides an ideal balance of authenticity and modern luxury. Each tent is a refuge, painstakingly designed to provide an unforgettable retreat among the gorgeous dunes.

Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hillawi's legacy continues at Sand Rose Camp, where every guest is greeted with the warmth of traditional Bedouin hospitality. As the desert breezes whisper stories of ancient sands, Sand Rose Camp invites you on a journey of discovery where time stands still, and nature's wonders unfold.